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  • 26th May 2022
  • To Be Announced, $14.99
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About The Game

Welcome to Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms, a retro-style RPG based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Guided by a legendary sword, watch as the story of our hero Xu Shu unfolds from the “Yellow Turban Rebellion” through to the “Battle of the Red Cliffs”.

◆ Over 120 beautifully illustrated generals

Watch this exciting story unfold through the exploits and encounters of these heroes.

◆ A Flexible party system just like your favourite TRPGs

Command your troops via a retro-style menu system.

An array of characteristic generals bring their skills to the table to add spice to each battle.

Grow your entourage as the story progresses and form your own unique party to best compliment your individual playing style.

◆ An 8-bit retro soundtrack to capture the exquisite world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms

From the smallest skirmishes to the largest boss-battles, let the meticulously arranged retro-tunes of BUNBUN guide you through this journey!