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User Ratings: 8

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Arcade, Puzzle, Shooter
Release Date

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  • 23rd Nov 2017, $7.99
  • 23rd Nov 2017, £6.99

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    Review Transcripted

    Fusing genres

    Transcripted, developed by Alkemi, is a new take on two well established game types: the twin stick shooter and the match three puzzle game. Both have seen much popularity recently amongst indie game developers. However, Transcripted has managed to take these elements and blend them together into a thoroughly enjoyable experience...

About The Game

Transcripted is a mixture of two incredibly addictive and vastly popular casual gaming styles: the dual-stick shooter and the match-three puzzle game.

In Transcripted, players take control of the Nano Probe, a microscopic apparatus used to combat disease. Many weapon and ship upgrades allow players almost limitless customisation options for their Nano Probe.

Successfully navigate through hordes of deadly pathogens to destroy the disease’s pseudo-DNA and defeat gigantic bosses.

  • 25 core campaign missions, and five Challenge levels for scoring competition
  • Difficulty levels of both puzzle and shooting segments can be adjusted independently to suit every play style, making Transcripted an amazingly replayable experience
  • Beautifully rendered microscopic environments with animated backgrounds
  • Memorable, ambient score