Also Known As
The Tower To The Bottom
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • US 19th Jan 2023


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About The Game

Living atop a bizarre, shifting tower, a group of 20 lost children scrounge for survival. In hopes of finding precious bread, and in search of the rumored paradise at the bottom, they descend into the tower’s depths, two at a time. Choose two of the children, each with different starting cards and traits, battle the strange inhabitants of the tower, and uncover mysteries throughout branching paths in a real-time twist on deckbuilding roguelikes.

Draw from your deck with the ability to deal a new hand at any time, and unleash attacks and defensive moves in real time to skillfully counter and negate enemy effects. Contend with cards that flip thus altering their functions, either throwing a wrench in carefully-laid plans or providing a surprising new strategy. After each battle, choose the appropriate reward; adding one of the game’s 70 cards might help slay future foes, but bread can help feed the inhabitants back up top or heal the current adventuring party.

Increase affinity with the kids and earn experience with each new run, unlocking new starting cards and traits. Discover new upgrades for the kids’ base as they advance from starving children to a self-sufficient commune, albeit one seeking answers to just what lies beyond the ends of The Tower. Get to the bottom literally and metaphorically, in an enthralling story set in a tarot-inspired world featuring character design by Masaoki Shindo, the artist behind the hit manga currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, RuriDragon.