Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

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  • US 2024
  • EU 2024


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About The Game

Soar, swoop and glide across the vast Pacific Ocean as Toroa, the Northern Royal Albatross. Discover the hidden wonders of the sea and sky on your epic journey home to reunite with your family, with the help of Māori God of the winds, Tāwhirimātea.

Magic of the winds

Gently paddle across the water as you ponder where to take flight next. With multiple wind paths to explore and fly along as Toroa, glide high above the sea or skim just above the ocean surface. Navigate through storms, weave through a maze of clouds and become a master of soaring through the winds.

Unique creatures

Meet the delightful creatures of the South Pacific from the ocean, sky and land. Become friends with a humpback whale, help a cute fur seal find their way home, race a pod of dolphins as you journey back to your homeland to return to your baby and partner.

Indigenous storytelling

Featuring te reo Māori language and a story steeped in te ao Māori (the Māori world), meet the Atua (Māori Gods) of the ocean and winds, Takaroa and Tāwhirimātea. With a unique soundtrack showcasing the beauty of taonga pūoro (Māori musical instruments) and waiata (songs) sung in te reo Māori.