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Silver Cow Studio


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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, RPG, Simulation
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  • EU 30th Jul 2020, £9.34
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About The Game

Team up with Rose, Kyo and Michelle - the beautiful Time Tenshi (Time Angels) - in this exciting visual novel as you enter the amazing world of time travel, made possible by the work of Tensai Shiro, the genius inventor behind the Time Window: mankind's first functioning time machine!

Playing as Kenji - a young man who loses everything to a terrible house fire - you'll discover just how far the limits of time can be pushed as you join the Time Tenshi in their missions into history!

But a mysterious, malicious force soon emerges, seeking to alter the flow of time for their own purposes! What secrets does time hold, and what consequences await those who tamper with it?

Choose wisely in decisions throughout the story to gain positive Affinity Points for the three girls, influence the story's outcome and maybe even unlock some secret endings!

We at Silver Cow Studio have worked hard to bring you a high quality production, and we're confident you'll really enjoy Time Tenshi!

Can mankind truly be trusted with the power to travel through time?

What dangers will Rose, Kyo and Michelle face on their adventures?

And can Kenji ever reclaim the reality he tragically lost?