Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

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  • US 2024
  • EU 2024


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About The Game

Super Mini Mart is a charmingly carefree single-player management game in which you are tasked with handling all the day-to-day activities of an up-and-coming convenience store. Manage products, create promotions and fulfill the needs of every unique customer that walks through your door to become the most thriving supermarket in town!

Super Mini Mart promotes a vibrant laid-back environment filled to the brim with pleasantly engaging activities for a stress-free, 100% indulging experience.

From delicious food to fancy apparel, the game provides a multitude of shop items.

Ice-cream goes in the fridge, bread flies off the shelves and every single item in your inventory needs to be restocked regularly to keep your clients happy.

The world of Super Mini Mart features a cast of endearing and colorful characters, each with their own requests and wishes.

The decisions you make for your store will directly affect your patrons and their place in the world. By fostering meaningful relationships with your shoppers, you will unlock soulful stories and memorable interactions - and maybe even hire them as your new employee!

Come for the charming 3D pixelated graphics, stay for the wholesome gameplay and heartfelt interactions. Super Mini Mart has just the right blend of “mood” and “mechanics” to make you consistently come back for more.

Prefer clean lines to pixels? Not a problem, you can change the style in-game at any time!

No messy inventory, no clunky interface!

Super Mini Mart relies on natural interactions and intuitive controls to encourage hassle-free gameplay in a highly interactive world.