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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 27th Jan 2023, $10.00
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About The Game

>THE LEGENDARY INDIE GAME OF ALL TIME: The SKeleton Army Take over the Planet, Platformer in to action and fight them o_O save the world

THE PORTAL TO THE SKELETON WORLD have opened...the Infinite Skeleton Army has began the Ultimate Invasion ,

Meanwhile at your house: you (anime girl) all like o_O wtf why is there skeleton lol so you GO ON THE EPIC QUEST TO BUY THIS GAME for real money hot new indie retro anime pixel platformer that all the cool kids are talking about. Smash your way through a handful of levels and defeat all of the bad dudes, THE GAME SUPER BENBO QUEST TURBO DELUXE

SUPER BENBO QUEST TURBO DELUXE is the newest first and last installment of the Benbo Franchise

you play as The Legendary Anime Girl with unlimited damage attacks and its a 2d pixel platformer so you basically walk to the side of the level -> and punch the skeletons on the way it’s not complicated

Punching Skeletons funny game
game about self discovery
feachers list.
99% more epic and swag than any other Benbo Game FEATURING MARIO