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Single Player
Action, Arcade, Platformer
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  • US 27th Apr 2021, $15.00
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About The Game

Street Cleaner is a modern synthwave artist based in San Diego. Inspired by action films of the '80s to write the soundtrack to a vigilante movie that never existed, he has broadened his sound from retro synth inspiration to chiptunes, darksynth, and more. Street Cleaner: The Video Game is the licensed game that would have been made based on that movie, brought to reality. * ALL NEW soundtrack of authentic pulse-pounding 8-bit chiptunes by the Street Cleaner himself. * SEVEN Stages featuring TWELVE exciting boss fights. * Stylish 8-bit retro aesthetics combined with modern visual flair like large scale pixel animations, parallax scrolling backgrounds and particle effects. * In game controller remapping for convenience and accessibility. * "Assist Mode" accessibility options allows EVERYONE to play the game how they want to by adjusting settings like: infinite health, infinite ammo, double jump, reduced game speed, and more. * "Hardcore Mode" for players in search of extreme difficulty.