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  • EU 7th Oct 2022, £7.19
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About The Game

Splatter is a first-person fever dream where you blast constantly-adapting enemies into neon sprays of pulp and slime. Lose yourself in a digital mindscape constructed by four administrators and built for violence, simultaneously surreal yet familiar.

Overcome hordes of creatures that learn from your victories. Your tools and your wits are your weapons, so blast enemies with your finger guns, chug back cans of energy drinks, and maintain sanity.

To survive, you must execute radical feats of human ingenuity:

· Explore a variety of far out environments

· Experiment with an extensive arsenal of finger guns

· Shoot, slap, and slurp your way through waves of enemies in a blaze of giblets and rainbow fluids

· Paint the whole level with gore where blood is persistent and physically simulated

· Watch as colors shift and the level shakes to the beat of the music

· Experience dynamic challenges as enemies learn from your behavior

· Embrace an adaptive soundtrack that changes to match your performance

· Enable difficulty hacks to ensure that your gameplay experience is perfectly tailored to you