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Action, Arcade, Other, Party
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  • US 26th Sep 2018, $3.99
  • EU 26th Sep 2018, £3.99
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About The Game

Snake vs Snake is a fast paced snake game with an insane battle mode with power-ups and much more. Inspired by old classical Snake but with a much faster arcade pace and multiplayer support.

- Multiplayer -

1 - 4 Players can battle it out in the battle mode. Use power-ups to defeat the other Snakes. Got no one to play with? Don't worry you can play against Snake AI players.

- Leaderboard -

Compete with other players from around the world and reach the #1 spot. Prove once and for all that you are the best Snake player in the world.

- Classical endless mode-

Fun like in the good old days; just keep going as long as you can.

- Level mode-

Beat puzzle inspired levels by collecting all apples. Don't hit any of the walls. Sounds easy? Well it's not as easy as it sounds :)

Are you the best Snake player in the world? PROVE IT!