Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • EU 19th Jan 2023, £7.39
  • US 19th Jan 2023, $9.99
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About The Game

>>> Messages downloading…

>>> Emoticons downloading…

>>> Virus downloading…?

One touch of the virus will send you flying?!

Control our smiley emoticon protagonist, Smilemo,

and help him save this computer world, battered by the virus.

≪ The story of an emoticon adventuring through a computer world ≫

This computer world was destroyed by an invading virus.

The only one able to face this powerful enemy is our smiley emoticon, Smilemo.

With the help of the system admin, our hero ventures forth to destroy the virus.

≪ Side-scrolling action that will keep you on your toes ≫

Break past the virus defenses that will send you flying

at a touch as you guide Smilemo to collect the pieces of the vaccine code.

Run, jump, and bounce your way through!

An adventure requiring every bit of focus awaits you.

≪ Collect the vaccine code and restore this computer world ≫

The farther you venture into the various data vaults

to collect the vaccine code, the more you'll rebuild this computer world.

Use the special abilities of Smilemo you unlock

along the way to face the challenges and trials that await!