Shmubedi Boo

Shmubedi Boo (Switch eShop)


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Dmytro Derybas


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Action, Adventure, Platformer
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Switch eShop

  • 7th Oct 2020, $9.99
  • 1st Oct 2020, £8.99
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About The Game

Trouble has occurred in the lands of Shmubedi Boo! An evil rabbit stole supplies of apples from the inhabitants of the city. Help stop the villain and bring the stolen apples home. • It's more fun together. Play with your friends on the same screen. Who will defeat all the bosses and save the inhabitants of Shmubedi Boo? • Real hardcore. 100+ levels of increasing difficulty, 5 unique bosses, tons of bonuses, traps and monsters await you on your way. • Majestic heroes. 7 heroes to choose from. Try to play for each of them. • Apple shop. Would you like to buy yourself a hat or an ice bomb to freeze your friend? No problem! In our apple shop, your hero can even buy a life for himself, if you have enough apples, of course. • Purgatory of Heroes. Try your luck in the purgatory to cheat death itself.