Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 25th Feb 2023, £5.49
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About The Game

In this isometric action game where enemies are coming at us in droves, we are trying to defend ourselves and survive against the growing and strengthening enemies by making the right strategy and moves! By spending the skulls that fall from the enemies at the right time and place, you can improve your battle strategy and fight more effectively against your enemies!

Increase your action experience with a variety of enemies that force you to strategize differently as you progress!

Make strategic moves and survive longer against your enemies with a choice of 4 different fixed weapons that you can actively select with the skulls you earn during battle!

Analyse the map better with the isometric wide camera angle and place the weapons you get with the skulls in the right place to gain an advantage over your enemies!

Improve yourself and compete with yourself by trying to survive longer each time!

With gamepad and keyboard support, use the controller you feel most comfortable with and increase your survival time!