Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 23rd Dec 2022
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Roller Katz: BF - Episode 1 News

About The Game

Our protagonist is Diana Katz, a child prodigy who invented a robot with unique qualities. Kiara is a robot capable of jumping, skating, rolling, and destroying everything in her path. With these abilities she will keep the peace safe in Clean City.

Roller Katz gameplay mixes the genre of platforms with high speed, skating and different gadgets with which to defeat your enemies.

The long levels have multiple paths full of surprises, places to skate, bars over which to grind, rivers to jump over, etc. All this accompanied by enemies who will try put an end to the adventures of our partner Kiara.

- Skating, grind, jump and do tricks!

- Fight, use weapons and destroy your enemies.

- Dynamism, speed and fun.

- A big world with different paths to explore.

- Anime style cinematics.

- 3D gameplay graphics.

This is the first episode of Roller Katz: BF.