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  • EU 6th Jul 2023, £9.99
  • US 6th Jul 2023, $11.99
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About The Game

When you enter the world of "RichMan 4 Fun", you will find yourself in a property management game full of opportunities and challenges. You can experience the fun and sense of achievement of making money and managing assets. The game is played in rounds, and the number of steps to move on the map is determined by rolling the dice. You can accumulate assets by acquiring real estate, building houses, and investing in the stock market. The game also has a rich variety of card props that can help you achieve your goals more easily, defeat others, and become the richest tycoon player in the game!

《Classic Characters from the 4th Generation》

The game uses classic character roles from "RichMan 4", such as Sun Hsiao Mei, Uncle Tuu, Madam Chyan, and so on. The original voice dialogue adds to the rich game atmosphere, making it feel more familiar.

《Diverse City Maps》

The game's map design is very interesting, including many different cities and countries, including Taiwan, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and so on. Each map has unique scenery and features, and you need to master the appropriate management strategies based on the map's characteristics.

《Real Estate Investment》

Real estate investment is one of the main game elements. You can purchase land and build buildings of different levels on it, thereby collecting tolls from passing opponents. In addition, you can also build special commercial buildings, such as gas stations, shopping malls, and hotels, to further increase your income and strategic advantage.

《Stock Market Investment》

Stock market investment is a game element that requires intelligence and experience. By using your savings to buy and sell different stocks, you can earn substantial profits, but you may also suffer losses. You can use relevant cards and props to help you succeed in your investment journey.

《Rich Cards and Items》

Card items are a highlight of the game and can be obtained in the card shop or during map progress. These include the ability to control steps, seize land cash, build or demolish houses, welcome or curse opponents, etc. These items can help you implement your own strategy while also dealing with attacks from opponents.

《Divine Possession》

In the game, you can gain the power of divine possession to raise your luck to new heights. The power of good gods can lend you a helping hand and help you gain more benefits in the game. However, the existence of evil gods may cause you trouble, so you need to be careful and avoid their influence.

《Lottery Betting》

Don't miss the lottery station on the map where holding a ticket brings endless hope! On the 15th of every month, you have the chance to win and change your destiny. Every purchase of a lottery ticket is like a little adventure, making people inexplicably excited and anticipative.

《Destiny and News Events》

As Salombas often said, "Life is often unsatisfactory, with eight or nine difficulties out of ten." Destiny and news events are unexpected and exciting elements that make the game more challenging and uncertain. The sudden event may give you a huge fortune or make you face unexpected difficulties and challenges.


There are various types of mini-games on the map, each with unique gameplay and challenges. They not only provide extra fun but also allow you to earn points to purchase card items and gain greater advantages in the game. Proficiently mastering mini-games and card item usage can greatly improve your winning rate and enjoyment!