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  • EU 26th Jan 2023, £3.59
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About The Game

Red Hands – 2-Player Games is based on a cool two player games known as “hot hands”, “slaps” or even in some countries “slap jack”. It belongs to games for girls and boys, but anyone who's competitive can play this reaction game. If you like to play two player games, this is a perfect choice for you!

How to play hot hands:

- A player stands on each side of the device

- Once the game starts, one player is the attacker and the other is the defender

- Attacker slaps by chosing the right command

- Defender should retreat at the right time

- The first player to reach 10 points is the winner

Known as red tomato in Great Britain, Red Hands – 2-Player Games belongs to fun games, (games for girls and boys) but it really is fit for people of all ages. The game tests your reflexes and speed so if you don't pay attention, before you know it you'll get hot hands!

Like what you hear? That's not all! While playing the game, you can choose different hands. Feel what an animal slaps like, or a skeleton. Like body art? Choose a tattooed hand and play two-player games till your red hands start burning high!

You can now play fun games for girls and boys without really feeling the pain. So, what are you waiting for!?