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  • EU 23rd Dec 2021, £8.99
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About The Game

An Internet battle function has been added to Real-Time Battle Shōgi, which blows away the basic rule of moving pieces alternately!

Move as many pieces as you like at your own speed, and the one who knocks off the opponent's king first wins this hyperspeed brain battle!

Get excited by serious battles with champion players from all over the world and battling with listed friends!

This is exactly eSports shōgi!

Of course, you can also enjoy heated battles against the computer offline, and 2P battles by game sharing!

[Internet gaming]

Choose from two types of battles: Rated games where points fluctuate depending on wins and losses, or Unrestricted Opponent games where win-loss points don't matter.

[Rated games]

Compete with powerful players worldwide for rating points that increase with victories and decrease with defeats!

A ranking board function displays opponent rankings.

[Unrestricted Opponent games, Listed Friend games]

Clamorous battles among listed friends gathered in a members-only room!

You can also set your own detailed rules.

There's also a viewing mode!

[Unrestricted Opponent, Random matching]

Play against randomly selected opponents with predetermined rules!

Board themes and pieces can be changed at will!

[Computer AI games]

Nine characters appear as possible opponents.

Each has three levels of strength.

Can you defeat the strongest character?

[Two-gamer play]

You can also play against each other by game sharing!

Get charged up over non-stop battles pitting keen reading and reflexes!

[Board and piece themes]

Not merely plain shōgi boards and pieces!

Switch to digital fantasy-style designs.

Please enjoy playing with your favorite view of the world!