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  • US 6th Jan 2022, $19.99
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QuickSpot contains over 20 types of Spot the Difference and 500 illustrations so you can keep playing without ever getting bored. Whether alone or with a group, you can stimulate your right brain while having fun in this Spot the Difference action game. Includes the following gameplay modes: - Quick Mode, where you speedily Spot the Differences - Party Mode, where you work together to Spot the Differences - Endless Mode, where you can take as long as you like to Spot the Differences In the main Quick Mode, your 5 abilities of Intuition, Focus, Judgment, Stability, and Recognition will be measured to calculate your Right Brain Index! By quickly and accurately answering within the 10-second time limit, you can stimulate your right brain, the center for non-verbal skills like imagination and creativity.