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Lance, 3-50


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About The Game

Dive into a world filled with sounds. Let ethereal tunes carry you fluidly on your way through abstract landscapes.

Learn to create and follow ephemeral paths of sound and light. Follow whimsical companions through a delicate world that changes from clear lines to swirls of color, from bursts of crystalline notes to soothing sound spheres. Tune in to the soundscapes surrounding you and feel the world become alive with wonders.

Trust the cycle, resonate with the flow and ascend to what is yet to become.

Key Features

  • smooth, intuitive puzzle-platforming: create ephemeral paths along waves of sound and light to follow your calling
  • ethereal, adaptive soundscapes: conduct soothing sounds as you navigate through melodic environments
  • meditative experience: organic movement, fluid gameplay and relaxing sounds make for a Zen-like journey
  • a world filled with wonders: from the deep sea to space, explore manifold areas along your way, each sporting unique visuals and puzzle mechanics
  • elegant abstract artwork: a serene world that changes from clear lines to swirls of color during this journey of life


Deep in the stillness of underground caves carved into rocks and crystal, removed from the world, there is an empty shell. Yet, life finds its way through the darkness, and by filling the shell, sparks a light. With the light comes a sound, and the waves of this communion propagate in all directions.

A new being sets out and follows their lead to discover a world of wonders and witness life unfolding on its way.

Will the wee creature get through the dark spaces to find that it is darkness that makes light really shine?