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Arcade, Puzzle
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  • US 18th Sep 2018, $7.49
  • EU 18th Sep 2018
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About The Game

Welcome to Omvorm! The first puzzle game from indie studio 4MB Interactive and our debut on Nintendo Switch! Omvorm is a fast paced shape shifting puzzle game that requires quick reactions and calmness under pressure.

Line yourself up in the correct lane and transform into the oncoming 'vorm'. The quicker you are, the more points you score. As the Vormwall speed increases, so does the challenge.

Play in Marathon Mode, where you simply have to last as long as you can, or take on Blitz Mode and get as many points as possible in a set time limit. Technically you could play forever in Marathon Mode and thanks to Nintendo Switch's portability, bathroom breaks needn't ruin your High Score attempt.

Do you have a friend? Or an enemy you want to embarrass? Good! Challenge them in the competitive modes and discover who really is the Omvorm Champion of your particular house or workplace.

Enough talk. Time to get comfortable, let the glorious soundtrack wash over you and PLAY SOME OMVORM!