Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 24th Mar 2023, £17.89
  • US 24th Mar 2023, $19.99
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About The Game

In this vibrant tribute to the point and click genre, play as Nefasto, a corrupted piece of game data, locked in a buggy console! The system is about to crash and your time is running out! Will you find a way out before you are permanently deleted from the program?

Adventure, action, puzzle, etc. Guide Nefasto through a strange and mind-blowing world as you solve challenging puzzles. Meet colourful-looking and talking characters, fight wacky bosses and unlock one of the many endings before the clock runs out!

Unique, offbeat, and surprising, Nefasto's Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze is an extravagant point and click full of humour and references.

- There's meta humour in every conversation, in a world where the fourth wall is broken.

- Talk to colourful NPCs to progress through the game.

- Take on bosses who are busy corrupting the System and who clearly love their job!

- There are riddles to solve and obstacles to overcome with the help of various items or Binary Powers. Or a game guide. No judgement!

- Lots of events where the gameplay changes according to the whims of the Nefasto code.

- Multiple endings to unlock, the majority of which are Happy Endings for your console... but not for Nefasto!

- A point and click where you can jump. But act like it's nothing once you get to the tutorial.