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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 15th Oct 2023, £0.99
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Need for Spirit Drink & Drive Simulator News

  • Random Nintendo Pulls Drink Driving Game From Switch eShop

    Title was rated PEGI 3+

    Update [Wed 25th Oct 2023 10:15 BST]: GamesIndustry.biz has reported that Need for Spirit Drink & Drive Simulator has now been removed from the eShop by Nintendo following an investigation by the rating board PEGI. According to the article, the game had been submitted via the International Age Rating Coalition, which is...

About The Game

Get ready to embark on a wild journey as a hapless professional driver tasked with delivering alcoholic beverages to various celebrations, all while battling the perils of abysmal roads and your very own addiction to the booze you're transporting.

▪ Experience the Madness: Take on the challenge of navigating diverse levels, from treacherous deserts to dense forests, challenging rural roads, and highways.

▪ Immersive Camera Modes: Immerse yourself in the action with three camera modes, giving you a variety of viewpoints to tackle the chaos of the road.

▪ Four Booze Types: Your cargo isn't just a commodity; it's your greatest foe. Transport beer, spirits, wine, and brandy, all while battling the high probability of experiencing drunk vision – adding an exciting twist to the race.

“Need for Spirit” delivers a humorous take on a serious subject, making it clear that the game does not endorse or encourage drunk driving in real life. Enjoy the absurdity while staying safe.