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  • US 14th Mar 2019, $9.99
  • EU 14th Mar 2019, £8.99
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About The Game

You start with just a compsognathus, an empty field and a few pennies. You have to feed your dino, take care of it and improve its living conditions!

If you give it plenty of fishes to eat, your Dino will lay eggs that you can sell to the Shopkeeper. In exchange, you can buy more animals at the Farmers' Fair. But be careful! If your compsognathus are not fed regularly they will run off to find food somewhere else!

All your animals have to be fed, but they also need to be clean and healthy ... And you will also have to clean the complete farm!

The aim of the game is to earn money by selling eggs and other farm produce, in order to buy more animals at the Farmers' Fair, and items that improve your farm from the Shopkeeper. Little by little, as your Farm develops, you will unlock bonuses items and you will be able to customize all our dinos!

10 kinds of cartoon animals: compsognathus, pteranodon, parasaurolophus, velociraptor, stegosaurus, plesiosaurus, triceratops, diplodocus, spinosaurus and tyrannosaurus.

During days and nights, take care of your animals : food,

cleanliness, disease, etc.

Sell your Farm products to earn more money.

Goals and events lead in a real adventure!

Many farm improvement to unlock, as incredible bonuses to collect!