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  • US 17th Sep 2020, $24.99
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About The Game

The Story: Due to a twist of fate, you're now pretending to be the wife of a man you've just met. At first, you're against the idea of this fake marriage, but as the days go on and you get to know one another, your mutual attraction deepens... Characters: Yamato Kougami "Physics teacher" Takamasa Saeki "Author" Ren Shibasaki "Scientist" Takao Maruyama "Lawyer" Yuta Kajima "Comedian" Contents Includes "Main Stories" in the App "Love 365: Find Your Story." Follows Yamato, Saeki, Ren, and Takao's stories up to "Honeymoon: Epilogue." Stories for Yuta are included up until "Wedding Bells: Epilogue."