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  • US 22nd Nov 2019, $1.99
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About The Game

You are a bug and you’re born in a laboratory. Your purpose is to look for food to grow bigger. Beware - other monster bugs are also on the hunt and will fight you.

In Monster Bugs Eat People you can play as 3 types of bugs: Deadly Red that draws strength from eating people, Vegetarian Green who feeds on flora and Terrifying Steel that eats… steel. Outside of your standard diet, you can eat other bugs. To gain an advantage over them, use your skills: quick dash and poisonous venom that immobilize your prey.

Besides the single-player campaign, they’re four different multiplayer modes for up to four players:

Wave survival - try to survive oncoming waves of enemies.

Kill Players - eat other players to score.

Max Size - reach your maximum size faster than the others.

Eat People - score points by eating as many people as you can.


- Simple and addictive gameplay.

- Three different bugs with different diets.

- Campaign for single-player.

- Multiplayer for up to four players with four modes to play.