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QUByte Interactive
Mens Sana Interactive


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  • US 24th Mar 2022, $3.99
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About The Game

Mini Words Collection is a compilation of three games that will help the player improve their language skill, discovering more words and practicing their vocabulary in a fun way!Each game has a unique style of teaching the player some new words in a lot of different languages.Games:With The Pathfinders you'll discover basic words in English, in this unique mix of logic puzzle and word search, just observing images of day-by-day objects or animals and finding their name on the board, using all letters on the board, without repeating or crossing paths. Discover Polyglot, the newest game in the Mini Words series that presents simpler challenges compared to the other instances, so English learners of all levels can have fun while practicing vocabulary in a unique mix of logic puzzle, word search, and hangman.Get the classic Mini Words, a unique mix of puzzle, word search and hangman, in a minimalist and relaxing environment, no distractions.Unscramble them using all letters on the board, without repeating or crossing paths.Features:- 3 Mini Words games;- All games feature a wide range of words and different languages;- More than 1000+ levels in this collection- Different types of game difficulty: from learning to mastering;Developed by Mens Sana Interactive and published by QUByte Interactive