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  • EU 20th Dec 2022
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Mind Jab is a both a race to build enough sanity and/or resources to win and a challenge to avoid losing all your sanity.

Take turns to play (or discard) a card from a hand of 6 cards, earning resources, dealing damage, and building bonuses. Use empathy, diplomacy and rationality to boost your own mind, weaken your opponent's, and build enough sanity to win.

Do you rush for early destruction of enemy's sanity?

Or play sanity boosting cards to protect yourself from harm?

Is resource generation your preferred strategy?

Do you play a lesser powerful card in order just because it's type matches the synergy star?

Or do you decide your mind's fate with each new turn?

Mind Jab features a deck of approx 100 cards, all unlocked, all unique, all original, all equally mad. Cards cost 1 of 3 resource types to play. For roughly half of all the cards, the resource type is randomly chosen every time that card is drawn (the cost never changes).

Mind Jab is inspired by Arcomage from the Might And Magic series.