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RPG, Strategy
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  • 7th Oct 2021, $34.99
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About The Game

This bundle includes Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions, Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle, Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War, Mercenaries Wings, and Mercenaries Blaze. This collection assembles all the heroes from this fantastic series into one collection.

Plot summaries

• Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions features Leon, the commander of the White Lions mercenaries. He’s hired to fight against bandits and monsters, but unexpected events draw him into war.

• Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle features Claude, the captain of the Kingdom's Order of the Silver Eagle team. Unable to protect Prince Laz from the deadly poison from an assassin’s blade, he sets off on a mission to find the antidote.

• Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War features Marion, the commander of the Gray Wolves mercenaries. He works with the Kingdom's forces to deal with the uprising of the Liberation Army.

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix features Jeremy, the commander of the Crimson Phoenix. He is hired by the demon King Harold to fight against a rebellion army. Each dangerous mission leads to war, betrayal, magical lore, and perhaps redemption for a nation!

Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons features Lester, commander of the Twin Dragon mercenaries. Initially, he was hired by the evil monarchical state of Euros to capture Westa immigrants, however through the course of political warfare events, he protects and aids the people of Westa.