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  • US 3rd Mar 2022, $5.00
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About The Game

That satisfying feeling that comes from solving a puzzle! Presenting the novel Japanese logic puzzle game that's been attracting attention from around the world!This Genius version is a compilation of the most difficult puzzles included in Menseki: Area Maze Puzzles, for the most expert players.Find your way to the solution, deducing unknown lengths and areas from known lengths and areas.All you need is the "length x breadth = area" formula for calculating the area of a rectangle!◆Solve any problem as long as you hone your thinking skills!Find your way to the solution hidden in each problem!Even problems that may seem difficult at a glance do not use decimals or fractions.CAUTION: Challenge yourself without judging by appearance alone!To prevent the solving of problems simply based on appearance, the lengths and areas written may differ from the actual proportions in the diagram.