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Single Player
Other, Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy
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  • EU 25th Mar 2021, £11.69
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About The Game

A business management sim where you can make a mall that's right for you!

Everything's been expanded since the last game - build bigger, build higher!

Enjoy more freedom and customization than ever.

Add public transport stations to bring in customers from farther away.

Visitors can come by bus, subway, helicopter, and even on UFOs!

Meet new mall visitors bursting with personality.

I could go for a bowl of ramen and a good book...

It's a manager's job to make sure customers leave satisfied.

Build stores that will delight your regulars!

Create enough great stores...

And you can even attract VIPs!

New tenants stores exclusive to this title.

Set up exhibitions, a movie theatre, pool and even an indoor farm!

Stores come in different shapes and sizes - the combinations are limitless!

Create combos by placing related stores on the same floor.

Take advantage of weather and scenery to attract more customers

and compete with other stores to be the best mall in town!

A new challenger steps into the world of business management,

dreaming of one day running a 5-star mall...

The sky's the limit in Mega Mall Story2!

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