Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Arcade, Fighting, Shooter
Release Date

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  • EU 20th Apr 2023, £11.99
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Sorry, no review of Max Reckoning - A Criminal Thief Story With Shooter & Quest yet.

About The Game

The game tells the story of two friends who wanted to change their lives and get rich in a not entirely legal way. The protagonist, being more experienced and confident, goes out to rob a bank alone, which later turns out to be a bad idea. Your once good friend cheats and leaves you. After a failed attempt to escape from the police, which will land you in jail, you will have to find a way to escape in order to get revenge on your friend and get your part of the money back. After escaping, you will have to remember your skills and fight your way to your friend's office... Having good friends is not as easy as it might seem.