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Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy
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  • EU 24th Mar 2023, £13.49
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About The Game

Match 3 Pirates II: After Bobby has freed all pirates from the clutches of the ruthless Davy Jones, the pirates are finally enjoying a free life. They feel at home on their happy island, however without the joyful, carefree laughter of children, Pirate Island is awful quiet. Then, suddenly the clever Bobby has a brilliant idea. The pirate captain suggests building a theme park in the pirate world.

Gems of Magic: Father's Day: Every time a cheerful father and son venture out together, they end up in problems. That doesn’t stop them to take a walk through the mountains! What can go wrong in a peaceful natural setting? Then father takes a tumble. Luckily, he’s fine but he ended up down the mountain while his son is still on top of the mountain!