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  • EU 3rd Aug 2023, £2.49
  • US 3rd Aug 2023, $2.99
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About The Game

A hard action adventure game about the fragility, bravery, and sometimes friendship of raw eggs.

Aim for the frying pan at the end of rolling through various stages with sad and touching melody.

Game goals:

The aim is to operate fried eggs, aim at the pan while making full use of movements and jumps, and become fried eggs. However, since raw eggs are fragile, their durability decreases as they encounter walls and floors. The game is over when the durability disappears.


Online Multiplayer: Raw eggs have friends, and those friends (raw eggs) are also brave enough to go on adventures at their own pace. Every once in a while, you'll run into one of them. When you do, be sure to exchange greetings and enjoy each encounter and parting of the ways. Of course, silence is fine. Also, I can't say this out loud, but when your companion breaks up (not a breakup), he will drop a recovery item. A maximum of 10 people can play together.

Continue Flag: If you place a flag, you can revive from the flag location only once. (New feature)

Hang on function: This is definitely the highlight of the project. It allows the egg to regain its composure after rolling around restlessly for a while. Simply put, it's a brake function.

Beautiful stage: Let's have a pleasant adventure on a fantastic and graceful stage of the world.

Hidden items: Fried eggs will require a toast. The toast is hidden somewhere on the stage.

Growth system: The more you move, the more durable the raw eggshell will be. Even if goal is difficult, if you play without giving up, eggs will become more and more strong and it will be easier to clear. You will be fascinated by the dependable eggs.