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  • US 28th Feb 2020, $2.99
  • EU 7th Feb 2020, £5.39
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About The Game

LocO-SportS is a fun sports game held at an Olympic stadium.

Compete with your friends and family to be the best while you laugh at craziest and most surreal events. Reach impossible records such as a 25-metre high pole vault. Compete with the most diverse athletes in the world - a jovial 90-year-old grandmother, a hippie, a clown, an emo, a biker, a thief, a policeman, a punk, a fireman, a diver, a boxer, a superhero...even a handsome disco guy, the list goes on.

LocO-SportS offers up to a 4 player multiplayer, global online ranking including a top-three world podium, tests for reflexes, pulse rates and balance, a quick time event and so much more - don't miss out!

Are you ready?