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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 18th Jul 2023, $9.99
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About The Game

LISA: The Joyful - Definitive Edition is the newly updated conclusion to the quirky side-scrolling RPG LISA series. Explore Olathe as Buddy in your quest to punish the world that has treated you wrong. Along the way, learn about Olathe, your family, and the monsters and men in power. The world’s out to get you… GET. IT. BACK.

The Definitive Edition brings fresh blood to the game with updated battle systems, 6 brand new Warlord skills, new border art overlays, music player, painless (easy) mode, and new secrets to explore.

- Collect new masks to throw off the men with.
- Dash and leap great distances with Buddy’s agility! Use the terrain to ambush enemies.
- Take down the warlords of Olathe and use their skills to your advantage.
- Explore all new areas and fight all-new unique enemies.
- Discover the multiple story endings.
- Hit harder with Buddy’s revamped timed attacks.
- Listen to the 20+ new songs in the Music Player
- Unravel the Secrets of Joy