Number of Players
Single Player
Release Date

Nintendo Switch

  • EU 11th Mar 2022, £34.99

Switch eShop

  • EU 17th Mar 2022, £44.99
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About The Game

Kurokami-sama's Feast is a horror-adventure visual novel following an unlucky trio who find themselves hunting monsters to be turned into gourmet dishes for the powerful (and woefully famished) being known as Kurokami-sama. Using Kurokami-sama's ear to listen in on people's innermost thoughts, and wielding Kurokami-sama's arm to strike back at the supernatural, you will come face to face with the darkness that lurks beneath the veil of mundane society. Will our heroes find a way to escape Kurokami-sama's clutches before it's too late?

During your encounters with monsters and otherworldly entities, you'll have access to a parameter called spiritual energy, which can be used to read minds and launch devastating attacks. Clever use of this resource is the key to overcoming the many trials and tribulations that await you in the world of Kurokami-sama's Feast.

Cruel and stunningly beautiful in equal measure, Kurokami-sama is the supernatural being who forces the protagonist into her service. Hoping to regain enough of her strength to break free from the magical barrier that binds her, Kurokami-sama commands you to procure cooking ingredients from the countless monsters that infest the city. Will you obey her, find a means to defeat her yourself... or perhaps make an attempt to seduce her? The choice is yours.

Featuring a wide and varied roster of supernatural entities, Kurokami-sama's Feast will pit you against monsters from comparatively recent urban legends, such as the Aka Manto and the Kunekune, as well as more ancient beasts of folklore like the Keukegen or the Sazae-oni. Beings of western and Chinese origin, such as the Boogeyman and the Onromaki, also make an appearance.