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Education, Simulation
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  • EU 20th Aug 2020, £3.59
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About The Game


▪ Unleash your creativity!

▪ Play with animals!

▪ Play with colours!

▪ Explore a wide range of painting tools - from pencil to brushes and filling baskets!

▪ Paint freely and create your favourite pictures!

▪ Have a lot of fun on your very own farm!


Do you like animals? Yes!

Do you like painting? Yes!

This game is for you!

Kids: Farm Colouring lets you paint all the most popular farming animals! From a duck to pig, from a sheep to cow!

Have you seen a funny colourful chicken? A smiling donkey in a rainbow?

Everything is possible! The sky is the limit.

Want to try your own drawings? Let's take a blank sheet to unleash your creativity and draw freely! All the painting tools are here for you!

So, what are you going to paint now?