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Jin Wave Studio


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Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, RPG, Strategy
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  • 12th May 2021, $15.00
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About The Game

Eight playable characters stories intertwine when three characters enter Final Layer and two vanish without a trace. One returns back from Final Layer but claims to not remember what happened. Who do you trust? Who is telling the truth and who is lying? Who is friend and who is foe? Key Features: Strategic turn based combat involving balance. Battles happen on the same field as movement, no switching screens when combat starts. Affliction and buff system, for example, players cannot run away if they have stuck affliction. Double and triple Jin techs allow party members to combine attacks with each other to form stronger attacks. Traps can be set in combat for strategic purposes such as delaying an attack for later. There is more than one ending. The foe or foes can change. Jin Conception is a single player game where you have to figure out who is friend and who is foe.