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  • US 8th Apr 2021, $59.99
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With a story by G.O. and art by Kuuchuu yousai, the PC gaming brand Frontwing presents the popular sci-fi romance-adventure series ISLAND. The secret of this world is uncovered through scattered keywords and masterful foreshadowing in this magnificent telling of an epic tale. A full cast of talented voice actors delivers this fantastical tale of an island with a complicated past that's on its way to desolation. The visual novel "Tomorrow is the big day" included! Enjoy the epilogue once you beat the main game and meet all of the requirements. Available in two languages! The text can be set to Japanese or English (audio is Japanese only). This includes in-game text, options, and the digital manual. Language settings can be changed at any time. Play using only the touch screen! Play with one hand! Play in Handheld Mode with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con™ controllers attached, or detach them and play with just the touch controls! While in Tabletop Mode or TV Mode, everything can be controlled using only the Joy-Con (R), allowing you to play with only one hand! Also available for the Nintendo Switch Lite™ system. (A separate Joy-Con (R) is required to play with one hand.) Summary Urashima is a tropical island paradise that was lush with life, but along with a complicated past, it suffered from an endemic disease that threatened to quietly wipe it from history. A young man claiming to be a time traveler washes ashore. All he remembers is that he must complete some "mission". He ends up meeting three girls belonging to the Three Families who prove to be the key to saving the island and starts his journey to change the future. How will he end up altering the fate of the girls, the island, and the world? Gameplay Gameplay in this visual novel involves reading through the story while making choices at certain key points. Different decisions may lead to different outcomes, story branches and endings. Features such as the Flowchart System, which allows you to review your progress or jump to previous scenes, make for a pleasant gaming experience. Staff Story: G.O. Character Design/Art: Kuuchuu yousai Cast Ohara Rinne VA: Yukari Tamura Garando Sara VA: Rie Murakawa Kurutsu Karen VA: Kana Asumi Ohara Kuon VA: Rina Satoh Yamabuki Momoka VA: Ai Kakuma Other *Fully voiced (excluding the main character)