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  • US 30th Nov 2021, $11.99
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Earths colonies have been attacked and destroyed. The distance and time between each attack is consistent with an enemy who travels using Faster than light technology. Each attack moves them closer to Earth. It is only a matter of time before they reach us. The World Defence Force must act, with centuries of peace leaving Earth with limited military options Project Iridium is Kickstarted - It's our last, best and only hope. The small scout craft Iridium has been transformed into a rapid attack craft. In true form to its namesake, built on modern Iridium technology. Equipped with inertial dampening for rapid directional turns, protected by high powered shield, outfitted with advanced upgradable weapon systems and an Iridium alloy hull stronger than any other material produced before it. You are our pilot, our best hope. We must stop the invading forces or we face certain annihilation!