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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 3rd Sep 2021, £8.99
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Idle Inventor - Factory Tycoon News

About The Game

Churn out massive machines in your finely-tuned factory - day and night, even while you’re not playing!

Run 5 distinct factories with their own themed vehicles:

- 12 cars

- 12 flying machines

- 12 construction vehicles

- 12 military vehicles

- 12 spacecraft vehicles

And more!

As a factory-owning tycoon, you’ll be deciding how to max out your production. Every container of yours that reaches the cargo ship = more profits!

As profits roar in, reinvest—

- Open a new line

- Automate a line

- Hire & upgrade almost 200 different managers

- Even upgrade the entire factory!

- Complete 13 types of exciting missions

Manufacture cars, trucks, planes, military vehicles, and high-tech instruments for space exploration!

(Tip: When a special offer comes along, leap at it! It’s your chance to earn profits, research points and more!)

Watch your factory grow from a single production line to a world-famous industrial powerhouse. And because you’re automating, your factory keeps working while you’re away - check in the morning, it’s amazing to see how much money you made while sleeping!

Try it now, and see how the idle tycoon life suits you!