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User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle
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  • US 5th Sep 2019, $9.99
  • EU 5th Sep 2019, £8.09

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  • Review Hyperforma - A Bit Like Atari's Breakout On Steroids

    Enter the Matrix

    Hyperforma, originally released on iOS back in March of 2018, is a hacking game based around block-breaking mechanics very much in the style of good old Atari classic Breakout. Set in a delightfully dark and malevolent version of cyberspace, it sees you take control of The User, who must delve deep into The Great Network – a...

About The Game

Hyperforma is a captivating story about a lone explorer who makes his journey into the relic cyberspace "Ancient Network", an artefact of a mysteriously vanished civilization of the past, hoping to reveal the secrets of its masters.

During his search, the hero meets monumental “living” interfaces and overcomes numerous obstacles while breaching through the most complex defence systems to ultimately discover the truth, not only about the dramatic events of the past but also about his own being.

The gameplay of Hyperforma represents a reinvention of a classic puzzle-based arcade that is viewed as a hacking process of sophisticated virtual defence systems.

Prepare for a fascinating journey through an inimitable world, inspired by the works of William Gibson, Dan Simmons and Peter Watts.

The game features:

  • An atmospheric cyberpunk setting;
  • A variety of levels and unique bosses;
  • Philosophic science fiction story;
  • Mind-boggling puzzles;
  • Beautiful visuals;
  • An impressive soundtrack.

Hyperforma on the Nintendo Switch will deliver an all-new experience that has been tailored to the system. New features include:

  • An all-new 2-player versus mode with controller sharing;
  • Motion control options;
  • HD Rumble support;
  • A completely reworked interface and improved colour grading.