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  • US 28th Feb 2022


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About The Game

A hundred days is the lifespan of a vine leaf, silent witness of the ever repeating cycle of seasons and shifts in weather patterns. Join us on a winemaking adventure: grow your vineyard, learn how to manage a winery, produce your own wine and sell it!


  • “LEARN all the secrets of the winemaking business” - Handle the winemaking process from start to finish: understand the importance of different yeasts and bacteria strains, experiment with fermentation and wine aging to enhance the characteristics of your product.
  • “TAKE CARE of your vineyard” - Cultivate different types of vine, analyse the soil to understand what grapes will grow better, protect your vines from diseases, unexpected shifts in weather patterns, and learn what’s the best season to prune, fertilise, and harvest.
  • “MANAGE your sales” - Tailor the characteristics of your wine to meet the needs of your customers, customise your bottles by choosing their shape and color, apply branding and marketing strategies to increase your reputation.
  • “EXPERIMENT!” - Hundred Days will let you master cutting edge winemaking techniques and tools, while encouraging an artisanal approach: balance these two aspects to transform your business into a refined boutique label winery!
  • “AN ADVENTURE FOR ALL” - Test your ability to manage the winemaking business: Hundred Days is a tycoon game with a narrative twist, offering three different game modes to suit most palates. From beginner to expert, this winemaking simulator will entertain you while improving your general understanding of this millenary tradition and its cultural relevance.