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1 (Single Player)
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Switch eShop

  • US 20th Jul 2018, $9.99
  • EU 20th Jul 2018, £8.99


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    A peaceful flight

    Originally released on smartphones back in 2015, Heroki is an example of a game where a mobile-to-Switch port really does make sense. A happy, colourful hero flies around in a happy, colourful world, all inside an adventure that sits somewhere between Yoshi’s Woolly World and indie hit Owlboy on the gameplay spectrum. It has...

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About The Game


The peaceful sky village of Levantia is in danger! The dastardly Dr. N. Forchin and his accomplice, Vapor, have stolen the Emerix - a powerful amulet and all hope may be lost!

Fly into a beautiful action adventure and save a whimsical world full of flight and fantasy. Master the wind to fly, freefall, dash and bash your way across beautiful 3D rendered sky-islands, jungles, seas and deserts.


  • 10+ hours of deep gameplay
  • Fly, freefall and fight, with the help of the wind and a propeller
  • Master new skills such as powerful Dash and Bash attacks or use the power of Wind to solve puzzles
  • Spawn many Power-ups such as a Shield, Hourglass, Aeroblade and more
  • Find hidden treasures and collect many items
  • Explore four stunning worlds
  • Meet and befriend a cast of friendly characters
  • Face dozens of unique enemies and prepare for an epic boss battle
  • Discover a host of islands within your village to play mini-games and side-quests to earn special rewards
  • 60FPS Full HD performance
  • HD Rumble