Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • US 25th Jan 2019, $5.99
  • EU 25th Jan 2019, £4.79
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About The Game

After the banishing of the previous defender of your island, the community needs new heroes. The long training of siblings Elia and Zoel takes them to the last trials deciding who is the best fit to become the new local guardians. In the finals, they will have to compete against a sleazy couple and the clock to prove their worth. Rising to the top will not be an easy feat!


* Control 2 heroes with different abilities to solve puzzles and prepare your strategy for battle.

* Decide if you want to play the game as a shooter using Elia's spells.

* Fight for the best clear time of each trial or explore freely the island to unveil its secrets.

* Enjoy a solid and compact story without having to waste time on repetitive tasks.