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Single Player
Adventure, RPG, Strategy
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  • US 19th Jan 2022, $16.99
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About The Game

Guild of Ascension is a Tactical-Action-RPG with rogue-lite elements, mixing turn-based combat with real-time action combo system. Craft weapons, learn skills, befriend critters, encounter bizarre creatures, and fight giant Bosses in your Ascension of the Tower! Real-Time action combo system The Tower grant you few seconds to act freely during your turn, make sure to use them wisely by learning and master your weapons combo and special attacks. One player, Two characters If your group wants to succeed in the Tower, it must plan and act in perfect armony, like they are sharing the same mind. Collect the loot The Tower will reward you after each fights, keep the money and materials for the guild. But make sure to ask for privileges that will help you during your next challenges, as climbing the Tower is no easy task. Craft better equipment Once you are back from you lastest trip in the Tower, make sure to ask the Guild to craft you some new equipment. You will need all the help you can get if you hope to Ascend to the top. Battle Giants Bosses Once you find the Guardians of the Tower floors, don't be afraid by their massive size, and used what you learn to overcome the challenge! Good luck on your Ascension.