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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 7th Apr 2020, $12.99
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About The Game

Slice your way through the hordes of darkness and face King Valor's guardians as you delve deep into this darkvania!

A malicious power stirs in the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris. Tasked with discovering the fate of its lost king, your quest quickly takes a sinister turn and you are cast into the abyss. Surrounded and outnumbered, you must grab your sword, steel your temper and fight your way through a land that does not welcome you. Except for the friendly merchant - he's grateful for your business. Key Features: • Hyper-Responsive Gameplay: Fluid mix of fast-paced combat and platforming.

• Exploration & Treasure: Discover and upgrade powerful equipment and mysterious relics to unleash your full potential.

• Challenging Boss Fights: Master skill-based combat, level up your character and bring down your enemies with all of your fury.

• New Game+ Mode: Play through a reimagined world filled with ever more dangerous enemies and powerful equipment. Experience your journey anew!