Give me toilet paper!

Give me toilet paper! (Switch eShop)


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Takahiro Miyazawa
Takahiro Miyazawa


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Single Player
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  • US 2nd Mar 2023, $5.00
  • EU 2nd Mar 2023, £3.60
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About The Game

This is an action game in which you prepare toilet paper with a Joy-Con™ in it and roll it around on a board.

There is a toilet paper in the game that is linked to your toilet paper.

If you roll your toilet paper left and right, the toilet paper in the game will also roll left and right.

"Oh my God! There's no toilet paper!" Let's help a man in big trouble!

You are the ordinary toilet paper in every house, but you can roll at will.

And now there is a man in need of toilet paper!

You start from the ceiling of the toilet and go your way to the man.

But all sorts of traps await you along the way!

Help the man by avoiding or taking advantage of them.