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  • JP 28th Jan 2021, ¥1,200


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About The Game

“Press the button the moment the ball hits.”

Although traditional, Gachinco Tennis S is an action game that uses an extremely simple yet exhilarating shot method. Enjoy high-speed rallies that will make your palms sweat.

The Magical Shot, which can be activated with the press of a button, is a powerful shot with various effects other than appearance and movement, but it is by no means a special move. It falls into the same category as flat shots and lob shots. There are 24 playable characters, each with their own unique Magical Shot.

Key Features

  • Tag-Style Matches – Select two characters at the start of the game and switch between them instantly during the match.
  • Tag Tournaments – A tournament in which all eight teams participate. With without continues to face new challengers. By defeating these challengers, you can unlock them as playable characters.
  • Knockout Battles – Play a series of tie-breaker matches against challenger after challenger.
  • Two Movement Styles – Move on your own with “Manual Mode,” or move automatically and focus on shooting with “Auto Mode.”
  • One Joy-Con Per Player Multiplayer – Play local multiplayer with a friend, with each player using one Joy-Con.

Other Features

  • 3D pixel art graphics.
  • Stamina and Spirit gauges.
  • Magic count that displays Magical Shot number of uses.
  • Berserker Mode with unlimited Magical Shots.
  • Magical Shot reversals that can send back the opponent’s Magical Shot.
  • Stunned state that indicates the player is out of stamina.
  • Racket destruction that enables the player to destroy the racket of a stunned opponent.
  • Strong areas that indicate each character’s strong spots.
  • Recovery items that randomly appear.