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Action, Adventure, Arcade
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  • US 24th Mar 2021, $4.99
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About The Game

When the night falls, two unlikely heroes emerge. A vicious WEREWOLF and a cunning VAMPIRE - creatures of the dark born of anger and blood are the last hope for a world taken over by black magic. Led by a mysterious sage, Cornelius, they’ll have to face hellish hordes of demons and fight through 21 sprawling levels before they can defeat the ULTIMATE EVIL! A DARK FANTASY ACTION GAME! From Shadows is an action game blending the style of fast-paced platformers and beat’em ups. The menacing gothic atmosphere and foreboding music build tension, while the hand-drawn graphics give shape to unimaginable horrors straight from hell. This indie title offers options for solo play as well as cooperative split-screen and lets you publish your scores on global leaderboards. Unleash your inner beast and step out of the shadows! FEATURES: • split-screen cooperative gameplay • 2 unlikely heroes - a vicious WEREWOLF and a cunning VAMPIRE • 12 unique, upgradeable skills • 24 menacing enemy types • towering bosses straight from hell • 21 sprawling levels • hand-drawn artwork • day & night cycle